Resources for Creatives in May/June

Check out these awesome opportunities, grants and jobs for the months of May and June. Be sure to share these resources with friends and collogues. Good luck!

Artwork Archive’s Art Business Accelerator Grant

Artwork Archive’s Art Business Accelerator Grant provides visual artists with unrestricted funds, resources, and a curriculum to help establish, grow and manage their art careers. The grant is designed to arm artists with the necessary business skills to succeed as artists and entrepreneurs—and to make a living through their artwork. Deadline is Friday, May 14th. Apply here.

The Hopper Prize

he Hopper Prize offers unrestricted cash grants to individual artists through an international open call juried by leading contemporary curators.

The Hopper Prize supports artists working in all media, from diverse backgrounds, in wide-ranging geographic locations. There is no restriction on genre, style or subject matter–all media is eligible. Artists must be at least 18 years of age at the time of their submission. Fee is $40 to submit 10 images. Deadline is Tuesday, May 18th. Apply here.

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In Conversation with JustLatasha

It was on the YouTube channel “The Grapevine” when I first discovered JustLatasha. Of course, all of the panelists and the host Ashley Akunna were bright, talented and intelligent people I admired but for some reason Lastaha was my favorite out of the bunch. I resonate with her mix of quirky and intellectual, her ability to speak out about the things she thought were harmful to the Black community and even her style were all major reasons why she was my fav. I wanted to know more of her background and so I did some digging and found a well rounded creative who can practically do everything.

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Creatives to Follow in 2021

Each year I am always looking for new creatives to support and follow and 2021 is no exception even if the year did just began. It’s always so amazing to know there are so many creatives out there doing amazing things, sometimes with no following or support. I want to use my platform as a way to highlight creatives who are out there putting in work and creating beautiful things. Here are some of my favorite creatives that you should follow in 2021.

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The Color Collective Recap

Last month I had the pleasure of attending The Color Collective “Art is Life” exhibit at the Sol Garden Studio to check out dope art and meet cool creative people. It was such a dope night full of music, art and great vibes. Hosted by Noni Astro who is a multidisciplinary creative who does music, visual art and also make jewelry. If you want to hear more about Noni Astro and all that she do, be sure to click this link to check the interview I did with her last month. Also, check out the photos from The Color Collective “Art is Life” event below and follow them on social media at @thecolorcollectivee. Lastly, check out my video recap via my YouTube channel here.

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Resources for Creative in November/December

Hello Tribe! I’m back again with new resources and grants to be successful in the creative industry. Be sure to stay tune to this page for updates of different opportunities I find for all creative alike. Enjoy the list below.

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5 Clothing Brands Doing it 4 Tha Culture

Just because COVID took away our summer doesn’t mean we can’t still look stylish and cool even if we our in the house. This is the perfect time to support black owned businesses and look fly doing it. Be sure to check out my five favorite clothing brands this month below. And as always let them know Black Hippie Art sent you.

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Resources for Creatives in September/October

With a new month comes new opportunities and resources for creative to thrive and shine even during COVID. Be sure to check out all of these dope opportunities for creatives & entrepreneurs below. List will be updated within the months of September & October so always be sure to come back for more information.

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6 Creatives You Need to Know

During this time of quarantine I really got to do research on some amazing artists and creatives that can inspire me to continue to create even during these very interesting times. Learning about new creatives or even familiarizing myself to creatives I already follow is such a breath of fresh air. It gives me an opportunity to learn about all the trailblazers in the arts and creative industries that are going to lay the path down for the next generation to come. Here is just a small list of creatives to follow on social media now and support. Be sure to let them know Black Hippie Art send you.

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